What Wild  Hope    
Homage to Jorge Luis
A poem of Baudelaire becomes
a painting by  Matisse...
A transitional work:
through which I found
my way out from
Ofterdingen's labyrinth.
Out of the labyrinth...and into the fire:  weary
of artifice, I flee to the enchanted realm of the
primitive - and make a mess out of paradise.
Being a portrait of
the artist as a "no
longer Jung man".
On the nature of the
When you think
of beer and
Poetical ironies in the
language of love and
Take a tour of the
virtual gallery.
Questions still in search of
"Thanks for  the
(and other
poems) on
beach pebbles
(and other topics)
For voice,English horn,
cello, harp and glockenspiel
For alto flute,
viola, harp and
For alto  flute, guitar
and marimba.
For bass clarinet, viola
and vibraphone
String sextet
Sketches for meta-music and
meta-art harmonious with a
bold hope for humanity.
Meditations on a
paddle board
More drawings and photos,
altered and combined.
Two of three movements for string
sextet tuned to the harmonic series.
...and the visitor from
Planet X, and ...
Pressboard and other rejects
salvaged and reconsidered
Read it and weep
Pastiche canons on chimerical composers
Strange, familiar, and strangely
A pair of "serious" articles on music
Featuring The Patient
from Room 206
Pancakes from Betelgeuse,
The Merry Robots of Nin,
Orphan Angels
Homage to Luigi  Nono
And other sci-fi / fantasy shorties
For voice, harp, celeste and
percussion (with dancer)