The Secret Life of Muffins                          Jurassic Nights                    Rhythm of the Wicker Chair                    Before the Flood                
The Blue Flower                                             Untitled                                                  Elsewhere                                          Untitled
Thrush                                           A Little Zen                                               Untitled                                                         Walpurgis Night
Untitled                                  Barclay Notebook at the                                     Spatula Beach                                                  Untitled
Untitled                                      Far End of a Wormhole
Mistral                                             La Mer                                         In That November Off Tehuantepic                 Casstle Bagdemagus
There is Another Place                                   Lie, Styll                            Untitled                               Out of the Cradle (the Cock-eyed Optimist)
Full Fathoms Five                       Crustacean Dreaming                        Christmas Morning                                          Untitled
Before Thou Forget                                           Bird Thou Never Wert                                       Koa at the Magic Gate
 Lustgarden                                        Untitled                                    See: It Rises!                                           We The People
Lynch' s Candy Store                                                     Untitled                                                              Winter, Winter
   Untitled                                                                     Forever                                                                  Easter Sunday
Sea Tryptich:  Morning                                                                        Noon                                                                           Night
The Virtual Gallery
Baiting Hollow                       Pink   Laude                Music's Secret           Carthaginian Summer      We Know Ourselves so
                                                                                                             Source                                                                                  Little
Bedtime Story                   The Gates of Delirium                          Happy Fault                                   Untitled