Images of Reality as Multiple-Subjective

Expressed in the
Language of Wonder and Delight

Three poems each for six classes of being - elemental forms, flowers,
butterflies, the unicorn, Adam and Eve, and angels - each
characterized by a color, a vowel, an ornament.  Each being is a
center, worshipping/destroying those less advanced forms as
life-sustaining gods, while sacrificing themselves, god-like, to those
mysterious forms above them.

The Langauge of Wonder and Delight is a term I took, long ago, from
Tolkien.  As I wrote in the original Preface:
Reintroduced  here is the
ancient harmony of sound and significance, the ecstatic grammar of
a world-view rooted in emotion...The sound-names are musical
colors that surround and decorate the English text, unfolding with
musical variation.

Alas, not the passage of time, nor the ravages of weather, but the sin
of haste and insufficient skill mar this work whose ideal, nevertheless,
I dimly glimpse through a few select, least-worn ruins.